Daily Rotation: Sufjan Stevens

15 Feb

photo by Marzuki Stevens


Besides being delicious, Sufjan Stevens’ something of a psychic. His biggest show last year? Arcade Fire, deserved Grammy winner of Album of the Year. Said the man during a Pitchfork Media interview:

Pitchfork: Do you ever go to any big shows at places like Madison Square Garden?

Sufjan Stevens: Almost never. I wanted to see Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber because I wanted to see what the high-production thing really looks and feels like. But I think the biggest show I went to last year was Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden, and there wasn’t really that much production to it. They have enough energy onstage that they don’t really need all that.

And then, he continues, a man after my own heart, paying homage to the master beat maker and body shaker, Mr. David Byrne:

Sufjan Stevens: David Byrne is the foundation on which a lot of us are building our careers because Talking Heads were all about content but without explanation or justification. There’s obviously meaning in a lot of Talking Heads songs, but he wasn’t holding himself accountable, and he let the music, beats, body, and dance explain the songs for him. I think a lot of music– including my show– is based on that now.

Check the full interview here.

Check his videos below:

From the record Illinois:


And the latest electronic wonderland, The Age of Adz:


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