What are…The Bright Lines?

According to Masters of Clickable and Immediate Knowledge, Wikipedia:

Bright-line rules…are clearly defined rules or standards, generally used in law, composed of objective factors, which leaves little or no room for varying interpretation.

Let’s leave out the rules. And the no room  for interpretations part.

What we’re left with are defining standards. The Bright Lines explores defining acts of  literature, politics, music, art, design, and fashion, vouching for great new work that’s being made. The Bright Lines uncovers art created off the beaten path, some of which exists in the realm of indie and non-commercial, and some that’s highly recognizable–but all of it defines this cultural moment.

Besides actual categories, The Bright Lines features all that is evocative of

stripes, scratches, grooves, plaids, marks, etches, creases, folds, borders, rays, radials, bioluminescence, kindergarten, queues, quips, lasers, contours, phone calls, I-ching,  rainbows, spectra, strings, scribbles & words & wires.




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