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What the Cuss? Fantastic Mr. Fox is…

14 Dec

Cussin’ Fantastic~

I loved the Roald Dahl jam when I was a wee lil’ thang, but Mssr. Anderson kills it once again. My sis asked me, before watching it, “Is it better than the book?”

And, as good as the book is, the movie is better. Stop motion elements, the classic Wes Anderson aesthetic, and George Clooney’s silky voice, and the soundtrack. Yes! Watch that cuss!

Elliot Montague, experimental & fictional narrative filmmaker

27 Oct

Recently, I started working as a teaching artist with the Urban Arts Partnership. One of my colleagues, showed his films during an artist’s share. Filmmaker Elliot Montague’s work truly moved me. It’s been quite long since something I’ve seen has stirred my imagination and my sense of synergy with another artist. There’s much to witness and learn from–“his work explores representations of the genderqueer and transgender body within social and personal spaces.”

Please check excerpts of his work here.

In the artist’s words:

“Integrating devices of narrative, fantasy, documentary, and the confessional, Well Dressed is a series of provocations. Each gesture points to failures and fantasies– the failed sexual cruise between the young queer body and an older male, the fantasy of sex between the gender queer body and the biological male, a friendship between a transitioned FTM and a pre-op FTM, the queering of maternity, and the return to the fetus and newborn. These scenes recontextualize narratives of sex, birth, and becoming.”

Here are some production stills from Well Dressed:

Production still from "Well Dressed," courtesy of artist's website

Still from

Bronson + Glass Candy = La Provocazione

12 Oct

Sister loved the film Bronson–about the “most violent prisoner in England.”  He’s been incarcerated for 34 years, for armed robbery of a post office in 1974. Originally sentenced for 7 years, his imprisonment has been extended because of his violent behavior in prison. The former bareknuckle boxer has brutally beaten fellow inmates and staff, taken ’em hostage, and has been transferred  between 120+ prisons. Spent nearly all but four of his years in solitary. But he’s made some reforms. At one point, he got hitched.  His second marriage was to a Bangladeshi divorcee Fatema Saira Rehman, who found him in the newspaper and started writing letters to him in prison. Look at the happy couple—-> Sistah shoulda read this book.

The Once Happy Couple: Bronson and Rehman

The Once Happy Couple: Bronson and Rehman

Crazy. He even converted to Islam for a second, called himself Charles Ali Ahmed. They’ve since gotten divorced, and she wrote a couple of books about how negative the dude is. However, during his imprisonment, he’s discovered his talents as an artist and poet and has even written a book called Loonyology: In My Own Words.

Bronson, self-portrait, donated by the artist to Beacon of Hope, a charity supporting people with terminal illnesses

Bronson, self-portrait, donated by the artist to Beacon of Hope, a charity supporting people with terminal illnesses

The film Bronson, directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, starring Tom Hardy, was released worldwide on 10/9/09.  The film’s soundtrack is stylized–lots of opera–here I’m featuring Digital Versicolor, by the Portland, OR electro/italo disco/freestyle-duo Glass Candy’s music video for Digital Versicolour. Their music’s been used during Spring/Summer 2008 Fashion Week  by Chloé & Chanel.

For NYC folks, it’s playing at my favorite Manhattan movie theater, the Angelika Film Center, at 18 W. Houston @ Mercer. They’re also showing Coco Before Chanel, but more about that in a  later post.

Directed by Nicholas Windig Refn

Vocalist Ida No & Guitarist/Synthesist Johnny Jewel comprise Glass Candy.

Ida No’s reminiscent of Blondie’s Deborah Harry or Nico, and Johnny Jewel claims among his influences Marilyn Monroe flicks and James Carpenter.

Annnnnnd: they produce their music analog.

Ida No Rocks Bright Lines

Ida No Rocks Bright Lines

Enjoy, the video for Digital Versicolour: