nandini nessa

Nandini Nessa, born in Carbondale, Illinois in 1982, is a writer based in Brooklyn, NY. After shuffling across the American South ‘n Midwest, she found herself in upstate New York, at Vassar College, where she received her B.A. in Women’s Studies in 2004. Her career in youth development (arts-in-education) started with Make the Road NY, where she produced dope youth directed plays with the Bushwick Youth Theatre Collective, and joined the WOW Cafe Theatre Collective in the Lower East Side. Her play Nayana’s Passing, premiered at the 2005 Dixon Place HOT! Festival, and went onto the Artists of Tomorrow Festival at the West End Theatre.  In 2006, she was awarded the year-long Clinton Fellowship for Service to India, giving her the chance to work with  Pravah, a youth development organization.  She pursued her MFA in Fiction at Brooklyn College upon her return to the States.  Her fiction has been published in the Dash Literary Journal, Squirm Magazine. She is a contributor to Brooklyn and is currently working  on her first novel, Bright Lines.


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  1. Kelaizsha May 28, 2010 at 8:58 pm #

    Wow Hiiiiiii Its Me Kelaizsha You’ve Done Alot Of Stuff I Miss You So Very Vry Much Everybody Wishes You all The Best


  1. ((audience)) » Speakers – February 1st Podcast - March 15, 2010

    […] MACHINES”, and the great Erika Biddle. Also includes passages from the book read by Nandini Nessa and Alexis Bhagat, as well as selections from the IMAGINAL MACHINES […]

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