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Design Line: Honeysuckle Pink

26 Feb

I’ve always believed in the power of pink. Now, of course there’s some unflattering connotations (Pepto, carnations-instead-of-roses, girlhood frills), but there’s something infinitely charming about this classically pretty color, Honeysuckle. It calls to mind French boudoirs, lipstick stains, and Audrey Hepburn’s dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

In the spirit of spring revival, I’ve compiled a list of home decor and accessories as an homage to this year’s Color of the Year. With pinks, a pop is best, balanced with neutrality. Combinations tried and true: Pink with Gray, Brown, Taupe, Black.

From Top left:

1. Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names Poster, $25, available at Brooklyn Flea or, 2. Hoodies by Brooklynski, $60,, 3. Powder Room Shower Curtain, $55,, 4. Furoshiki Shiki Business Card Holder, $17, Droog, 5. Jaipur Hand-Blocked Quilt + Shams, $119, West Elm, 6. “Edition” Wall Art, $99,, 7. Watermelon Knife, $25, MoMA Store, 8. Tube Top Lamp, $110, Room and Board, 9. One Color Subway Map, $110, Future Perfect, 10. Praxis Desk Accessories, $25 and up, MoMa Store, 11. Drinks stay cool, So do you: Neoprane Bottle Case, $12.25, MUJI USA, 12. Music Balloon, $45, Design Within Reach, 13. Kontextur Blossom Shower Curtain, $195, Design Public, 14. Empire State Building Stamp, $6, MUJI USA, 15. Ekko Cascade Mobile (Copper), $337, Design Within Reach



Design Line: Spring Blues

26 Feb

Blue Curacao is Spring 2011’s whimsical take on turquoise. Seen on the runway by the likes of Peter Som, DKNY, and Versace, this shade’s versatility is perfect for welcoming spring. Evoke lazing in the Caribbean tropics or spice  up earthy tones with patterned, worldly prints.

Keeping up with color trends in your wardrobe might seem mandatory, but accenting your home with goodies has the same spring awakening effect.

Look out for my next installment of Design Line Budget Edition, when we tackle another spring staple , and Color of 2011,  Honeysuckle Pink.

I’ve compiled this  list of 15 of my favorites for sprucing up your digs for less than $100:

Throwback–Raya Uhuru

23 Feb

Dress line I started back before the recessionista days:

Bold 'n Old School Couture

29 Jan

Spring 2010 Couture Show in Paris brought a lot of drama and royal color. I’m definitely feeling Gaultier’s high-fi ranchero look!

Check fashion photographer Valerio Mezzanotti’s work in his new magazine:

Christian Dior, Image courtesy of Valerio Mezzanotti for NY Times

Jean Paul Gaultier, image courtesy of Valerio Mezzanotti for NY Times

Ports 1961, Spring 2010 Ready to Wear

25 Jan

Ports 1961 is a women’s ready-to-wear line by designer Tia Cibani. Her structured clothes have a romantic new world meets old world feel. Her Spring 2010 collection is a palette of ice cream tones–frosty vanilla to butterscotch cream, with swirls of strawberry. Click here for behind the scenes Ports 1961 runway show coverage.

Sun Protection!

23 Jan

This is my jam! Necessary, even when the winter sun seems weak–it’s still filtering through clouds, ready to zap you with UV.

This product, introduced to me by my dear, clear-skinned and organically beautiful friend, Ngozi–

This stuff is a mineral powder (that smells slightly of cinnamon and clay). The brush ‘n powder power duo is amazing for travelling to hot, sunny places

Eminence's Sun Defense Powder, in Calendula Spice. For dark tan to caramel tones.

Eminence is European y’all! And uses natural fruits, vegetables, and minerals! This mineral power is comprised of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which gives you that even coverage and sun protection. Vitamins A and E are sweet healers too! And to add a bit of dewy luster, use a tonique, named straight outta Eden–Sweet Red Rose or Wild Plum–

You can buy it here.

Miss Bruno's "My So Called Dress"

22 Jan

Can I say…


Now, Miss Bruno and I are kindred spirits connected, cyber-spirituelle and whatnot. For serious–creativity, spark, story, color, lineage & design–I’m taken by this collection.

Here’s my favorite from the My So Called Dress collection (I think Angela Chase would appreciate).
The Sia Sia dress, v. 1–I Sia Sia Dress, v.1love this sexy off-the-shoulder sheath dress. Made from hand-spun, handwoven cotton from Burkina Faso.
Beautiful synergy–the turquoise spade pattern, the prim suede trim, and the fly detailing on the belt–total elemental balance.
The Philosophy of Miss Bruno
(the beauties behind the threads, in the photos spread above)
“missbruno sprung from the marrow of our lineage, making twists and turns jusqu’ it morphed into the trans-worlds collection you see today. specifically, we are two sisters: brooklynites by way of Ayiti; designers, by way of musik and film; independent, by way of clothing made directly from our collective hands. our designs thrive on our philosophies on life: wholistic, lush, simple. we make things meant for sustainable living and other unassuming revolutions.”
Check the sweet sale at their online store. featuring dresses from this limited collection.
Tap Tap Romper
Rara Dress
Wild Silks and Hand-woven Cotton