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Red Baraat's Record Release Party, 1/30

25 Jan

Red Baraat, led by drummer Sunny Jain, is a dhol ‘n brass band, mixing North Indian bhangra beats with brass funk. Their debut record, Chaal Baby, has just been released by Sinj Records. Their release party is at Le Poisson Rouge @ 158 Bleecker St. $12 in advance/ $15 at the show

Check out their performance at the Ports 161 Fall 2009 fashion show.

I’ll even throw in the songbird and sweetheart of Pakistan, Nazia Hassan’s  kitschy disco single “Aap Jaisa Koi,” from the film Qurbani (1980). Red Baraat covers the tune in the video (it’s the second tune, if you can tell…)

RIP Nazia Hassan  نازیہ حسن (April 3, 1965 – August 13, 2000)


Apartment Show & the art of Andy Barrett

25 Jan

Gallerists are turning homes into art space–whether it’s for reasons economic, aesthetic, and non-market oriented–creating intimacy, dialog, and accessibility for guests.

The Hooper Apartment Show’s opening reception is this Saturday, January 30, at The Lenora on Hooper St. in Williamsburg. Curated by Eric Laine, of bipolart, an eclectic group of artists are participating, including my friend Andy Barrett.

His “carton marquetry” work is composed of  intricately collaged found-on-the-street cardboard. Everyday cartons are deftly translated into stories, colorful, absurd and fantastical.

Check out his portfolio at:

images courtesy of artists’ website

Some of his work is at sale, including cardboard lamps, at Mc & Co @  57 North 6th St. (btwn. Wythe & Kent)

Tonight–Live Art, Music & Haiti Benefit at Sucre in BK

24 Jan

Sun Protection!

23 Jan

This is my jam! Necessary, even when the winter sun seems weak–it’s still filtering through clouds, ready to zap you with UV.

This product, introduced to me by my dear, clear-skinned and organically beautiful friend, Ngozi–

This stuff is a mineral powder (that smells slightly of cinnamon and clay). The brush ‘n powder power duo is amazing for travelling to hot, sunny places

Eminence's Sun Defense Powder, in Calendula Spice. For dark tan to caramel tones.

Eminence is European y’all! And uses natural fruits, vegetables, and minerals! This mineral power is comprised of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which gives you that even coverage and sun protection. Vitamins A and E are sweet healers too! And to add a bit of dewy luster, use a tonique, named straight outta Eden–Sweet Red Rose or Wild Plum–

You can buy it here.

Miss Bruno New York's 'My So Called Scarf'

12 Jan

January simply feels better when you’re tucked away under winter accessories. We’ve all broke down and bought a

Corner Store Lily

dinky pair of black $5 gloves off the street when it’s become unbearable, as well as those faux-ushankas and poly-blend scarves.

Be done wit’ all that!

Miss Bruno New York’s My So Called Scarf Collection offers mujeres y hombres warm and fabulous neck gear.

The Artivist Scarf, model, Popular Thug, aka Sugar Aphrodite

Madame et Monsieur Bruno

The Highlife

Grinning and Bearing It.

9 Jan
death bear!

Often, my Daily Candy mail makes me smile. Even if I can’t afford the countless clothing or travel and culinary destinations they tote on their website.

But this here, this is just pure furry genius. For all of you melancholics and pessimistic souls:

The Painkiller Below, Courtesy of

“Summoned via text message, Death Bear will visit your Brooklyn apartment to remove painful reminders of your past (direct him toward empty cigarette packs, pictures of the ex, dropped-crotch pants) and give you the chance to start fresh in 2010.

Aside from practicing the dark art of absorbing negative memories, the man inside the suit also leads Chinatown garbage taxidermy tours, offers free bouncy rides on subway platforms while wearing a fish costume, and has a candy crack delivery service on weekends ($1 per bag).

But the resolution service is free this Saturday and Sunday.

So grin and bear it.”

To make an appointment, text 347-742-2293. For more information, go to To find out more about the man inside the bear, go to

Photo: Kevin Walsh

Also available are “Bunny Butterfly Kisses”–courtesy of “Blizzard” the honey inside the bunny (head).


Brooklyn artist, Sean Lewis

9 Jan

Mr. Sean Lewis, a Brooklyn-based visual artist & reader of the bright lines, has recently come to my attention.

Below is “Crashed Porsche”, oil on canvas, 48″ X 48″:

Houndstooth prints, oil paintings and pen & ink drawings of cars in crashed states (perhaps an homage to his Detroit roots?).  I imagine a man’s world–a porsche, a Houndstooth jacket, a walk with a lady in Fort Greene–revved up & re-imagined colorfully, hard lines and pretty designs.

Check out his portfolio here. His artist adventures are documented in his blog.

Mercedes Collage (digital print):
Mercedes Collage, Print, Courtesy of Sean Lewis

The artists’ bio:

“Sean Lewis grew up in Detroit, Michigan where he developed a love of art early on. At a young age, he studied architecture, ceramics, drawing and photography. Although he continued to study art at the University of Michigan, Sean decided to master in architecture. It was not until after university that Sean took up oil painting. He immediately became devoted to the medium and moved to New York to pursue it. Sean has lived and practiced in Brooklyn, New York for 5 years.”

Houndstooth Pattern, courtesy of Sean Lewis

N Pattern. Love the letter N!