Sun Protection!

23 Jan

This is my jam! Necessary, even when the winter sun seems weak–it’s still filtering through clouds, ready to zap you with UV.

This product, introduced to me by my dear, clear-skinned and organically beautiful friend, Ngozi–

This stuff is a mineral powder (that smells slightly of cinnamon and clay). The brush ‘n powder power duo is amazing for travelling to hot, sunny places

Eminence's Sun Defense Powder, in Calendula Spice. For dark tan to caramel tones.

Eminence is European y’all! And uses natural fruits, vegetables, and minerals! This mineral power is comprised of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which gives you that even coverage and sun protection. Vitamins A and E are sweet healers too! And to add a bit of dewy luster, use a tonique, named straight outta Eden–Sweet Red Rose or Wild Plum–

You can buy it here.


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