13 Jan

The first black republic in the Western Hemisphere. More recently, plagued by food riots, natural disaster, corruption. And now, an earthquake of 7.0, with aftershocks at 5.7 and 5.3. The damage that’s been done is horrific, and it doesn’t seem as though there are definitive numbers confirmed of folks who have been killed. Everything I’ve been reading thus far refers to the  mayhem and destruction that’s unfolding in the aftermath of the initial earthquake.  This is so terribly sad.

As of 11:24 PM, Courtesy of NY Times’ Lede Blog and Twitter.com (Click the red for the latest information)

Haitian Twitter uswer, Frederic Dupoux @fredodupoux — writes that, “no phones are working,”

He also writes in two updates posted within the past hour:

Just came back from Caribbean Super Market. It looks like ground zero. people are trapped it’s dark we need light and cell phone service.

It’s really ugly, just like in a bad dream. people need help, get out and help!

troylivesay ( A Christian Missionary working in Port-au-Prince)

  1. “Tipap made it home from Carrefour – saw many dead bodies and injured along the way – said most buidings w/more than one story are down”
  2. “In our area mostly exterior walls fallen – people afraid to re-enter their homes…”
  3. “I’ll stop in on borrowed internet later again if possible”
  4. “we can’t get through to the other orphanages/ministries here – no phones and lots of panic – all the Heartline people and children are ok”
  5. “I can’t imagine the devastation this has caused to such an overly stressed city – I think it will be suffering for quite some time.”
  6. “most people are staying outside in our area – aftershocks are still continuing…a neighbor was in a school that collapsed”
  7. “Phones and internet are mostly out – we don’t have either at home – radio says the Palace fell down and buildings fell down all along Delmas”
  8. “Just experienced a MAJOR earthquake here in Port au Prince – walls were falling down. – we are ALL fine – pray for those in the slums…”

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