Brooklyn artist, Sean Lewis

9 Jan

Mr. Sean Lewis, a Brooklyn-based visual artist & reader of the bright lines, has recently come to my attention.

Below is “Crashed Porsche”, oil on canvas, 48″ X 48″:

Houndstooth prints, oil paintings and pen & ink drawings of cars in crashed states (perhaps an homage to his Detroit roots?).  I imagine a man’s world–a porsche, a Houndstooth jacket, a walk with a lady in Fort Greene–revved up & re-imagined colorfully, hard lines and pretty designs.

Check out his portfolio here. His artist adventures are documented in his blog.

Mercedes Collage (digital print):
Mercedes Collage, Print, Courtesy of Sean Lewis

The artists’ bio:

“Sean Lewis grew up in Detroit, Michigan where he developed a love of art early on. At a young age, he studied architecture, ceramics, drawing and photography. Although he continued to study art at the University of Michigan, Sean decided to master in architecture. It was not until after university that Sean took up oil painting. He immediately became devoted to the medium and moved to New York to pursue it. Sean has lived and practiced in Brooklyn, New York for 5 years.”

Houndstooth Pattern, courtesy of Sean Lewis

N Pattern. Love the letter N!


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