Self-Portraiture 2010.

18 Dec

Ok, ok, ok. I get accused of lookin’ all too intense and serious in photos, you know, ahem… not emanating the joy within and whatnot. What can I say, I can be a moody ______.

Seriously though, check out this contest, lauding the expressions o’ self:

So, I think I’m going to enter. These here photos are just revvin’ the auto-imagery machine!

The Power of Self
You are invited to participate in a competition celebrating the power of self-portraits.


This competition is about your story, your images and the power they hold. From Salvador Dali to Cindy Sherman the self has been the subject of most all the art world’s greats. The self-portrait transcends medium, style and period, existing in the vast space between the personal and prophetic. We all have a self-portrait. Show us yours!

Our panel of judges including actor Steve Buscemi, director/producer Chris Weitz, Guggenheim Curator Helen Hsu and Flavorpill Founder Sascha Lewis will select one portfolio of self-portraits for The Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize:

  • Six months of FREE living in New York City or $7007 cash
  • An art-star reception in New York City
  • International publicity
  • A feature in 3rd Ward Magazine

The public will also cast their vote and the highest rated portfolio will receive
Gawker Artists People’s Choice Award:

  • $1,000 in cash
  • An art-star reception in New York City
  • International publicity

This is your moment to be discovered, send us your best work:

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