Dialog Box #2: Untitled by Carlos E. Fernández-Dieppa

29 Nov

Artist/Designer/Thinker/Bu, Carlos E. Fernández-Dieppa, photographed this last week.

There’s something sensual about this quartet of cords, no?

I love how the vivid image of one cord pops against its blurred counterparts–as if one could pluck it right out of the picture.

I noticed my eyes struggling to focus between different parts of the image. It seems to be a matter of binocular rivalry.

“When one image is presented to one eye and a very different image is presented to the other, instead of the two images being seen superimposed, one image is seen for a few moments, then the other, then the first, and so on, randomly for as long as one cares to look.”

me:   gimme a quotable quote, waxy moustaches

los.veni.vidi: This photograph illustrates a duality between clarity and abstraction. On the one hand, depth is inferred by the use of focus on the object in the foreground the silhouettes are blurred in the background. Conversely, one could interpret the image as multiple cords in front of a depthless plane.

los.veni.vidi: If you interpret the background as a depthless plane, while still illustrating depth through the use of focus, it differs in that you can speculate what you perceive as object and shadow.

(Some pretty deep thoughts after we’d hit up The Back Room –102 Norfolk @ Delancey– sippin’ on Jameson in teacups):

lustre du sein (titty chandelier):

(I happen to have some white spot on the corner of my mouth. Hm. Don’t have the Photoshop, so here you are, here I am, unadulterated.)


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