David Byrne & Brian Eno's "Strange Overtones"

10 Nov

Check it–It’s not an official video–but I liked the heart monitor ala Bright Lines with this tune. “Strange Overtones” is on David Byrne and Brian Eno’s record Everything that Happens Will Happen Today.

While Brian Eno focused on instrumentals, David Byrne blessed the record with his sonorous magic–

Says Eno:

“Upon starting this project, we quickly realized we were making something like electronic gospel, music in which singing becomes the central event, but whose sonic landscapes are atypical of such vocal-centered tracks. This notion tapped into my long love affair with gospel music, which, curiously, was inadvertently initiated by David and the Talking Heads.'”

David Byrne

The beautiful & strange Mr. Byrne



Now, you can see the man’s genius if you read his journal, but I love this entry:

“Some years ago I visited Bell Labs and was shown the famous anechoic (perfect, sound absorbent) chamber. This was where John Cage claimed that he could hear both his heart pounding and the high-pitched whine of his nervous system. His insight was that true silence doesn’t exist — even if we can block out everything else, we can’t stop hearing ourselves.

Here is one such chamber:



He’s even got an Alien Espresso Cup line with Illy.

Alien Tea Cups_David Byrne


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