Elliot Montague, experimental & fictional narrative filmmaker

27 Oct

Recently, I started working as a teaching artist with the Urban Arts Partnership. One of my colleagues, showed his films during an artist’s share. Filmmaker Elliot Montague’s work truly moved me. It’s been quite long since something I’ve seen has stirred my imagination and my sense of synergy with another artist. There’s much to witness and learn from–“his work explores representations of the genderqueer and transgender body within social and personal spaces.”

Please check excerpts of his work here.

In the artist’s words:

“Integrating devices of narrative, fantasy, documentary, and the confessional, Well Dressed is a series of provocations. Each gesture points to failures and fantasies– the failed sexual cruise between the young queer body and an older male, the fantasy of sex between the gender queer body and the biological male, a friendship between a transitioned FTM and a pre-op FTM, the queering of maternity, and the return to the fetus and newborn. These scenes recontextualize narratives of sex, birth, and becoming.”

Here are some production stills from Well Dressed:

Production still from "Well Dressed," courtesy of artist's website

Still from

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