Costumes & Candy Clouds = Toothaches

27 Oct

So for Halloween, I’m gonna be:

Sweet and LowOK, I’ve been switched to Splenda & when they’ve got it, agave nectar, but I thought this would be a fun costume idea, when eating biscuits & gravy at The Lodge. I was sort of surprised that they still have the pink packets there. But then I got to thinkin’ about a costume, a joint costume with my friend (he will be “Coffee”) some bubble-gum pink slutty number treble clef painted on ma’ body, all the way down, sweet & low…

As a former acolyte of Clinton Hill/Fort Greene, I still haven’t gotten that creative for brunch spots, though I do like La Superior (Mexi-philes) & Simple Café (Francophiliacs)

I found a onesie at my fave thrift store, in the ‘Burg, Doggy’s Clothing/10ft. Single by Stella Dallas, near the corner of N. 6th and Meeker, off the L/G train, Lorimer/Metropolitan & Grand:

Stella Dallas

Now, I can’t say enough fabulous things about this store–silk scarves, hats, shoes, vintage & consignment galore, but on the onesie, there were, um, questionable stains in the crotch area. Yikes!

Can I get a discount? Rather than ask, I’m gonna head over to the northside tomorrow and check the goods out.

More inspiration from my new ‘hood:

Cotton Candy Cloud


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