23 Oct
America's getting sad as hell.

America's getting sad as hell.

Ok. I am ALL about cartoons, comics, animation, manga, the whole lot.

As well as comics based on real live people.

Yet when I see this ad, it makes me think:

Is it that sad being YOU, that you feel the need to create a pumped up avatar version of yourself?


Japanese Love Dolls


That’s right. These  “ladies” are Japanese Love Dolls. They come in various races, shapes, and sizes–but there does seem to be a rather uniform opinion amongst the Love Doll Lovers in the world, that the tiny brunette with porcelain skin, and unmoving eyes, is HOT.

Soooooo. I decided to try this Cartoonification Situation out. Not the one that I got blasted ads with on youtube. I’m no follower!


After finding some waaaack sites that charge EUROS for making a simple scribble version of yourself–it’s like you might as well trace over a photo of yourself by your damn self–

I found the website They’ve got a whole array of effects!

I opted for “Pop Art”…somehow it was more appealing than say, “Grunge”, or “Scribbler”

Yep, got pretty into it. Sad. Uploading away, trying out the different effects, getting disappointed by the tackiness of “free” results. But, I guess if it’s pink, silly, and has a huge “CREATED AT BEFUNKY” tag on it, then it ain’t that bad.

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