Copper Highlights

22 Oct

Remember those  “Can you find the…?” games in Highlights magazine? Those were sort of the only things that made flu shots & dentist shiz bearable when I was a kid.

Copper Mold

These molds range from fascinating to regular–when my friend The Chronolect questioned, “Who would want a mold of a rooster?”

Or a cat?

Playing on the words “rooster” & “cat” is pretty raunchayyyyy. Okay, I’m corny. We figured it was some irony on the part of the owners of this collection, in S. Williamsburg, or perhaps it’s our own diabolical minds in action.

Either way–copper = healing  or if you throw a penny in a flame =

Copper in Flame

When copper gets heated up, the flame turns turquoise green. Cool!

Copper electrons jump out of their normal orbitals, then drop back into their normal orbitals.

So, they emit light with frequencies in the blue and green range.

Not to get all 11th grade teacher on y’all, but here’s a cool periodic table that shows you the emission spectrum of all the elements. So, when their electrons do a lil’ two-step, the color that is emitted is indicated by this chart.

Inneresting fact: (this is Wikitalk here, but I was informed of this by The Chronolect): “Most molluscs and some arthropods such as the horseshoe crab use the copper-containing pigment hemocyanin rather than iron-containing hemoglobin for oxygen transport, so their blood is blue when oxygenated rather than red.”

Copper Pure

Copper Ring

Some say copper has healing properties–back in the days in India folks used it for boils and venereal disease; the Egyptians laced drinking water with it. My grandma uses it for arthritis and aches.

Malleability is fly…

Lord knows we learn this the hard way.

Copper Bangles


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