For the Love of Mexican Coke

13 Oct
"Cult Classic" hecho in Mexico, courtesy of NYTimes

"Cult Classic" hecho in Mexico, courtesy of NYTimes

Don’t kill me Marissa–

Marissa Coke Joke

I shouldn’t drink Coke. Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva says that it takes 9 Liters of CLEAN WATER to CLEAN ONE LITER OF COKE. Not only does Coke purport droughts, and there’s questions of whether the water used for the stuff is contaminated with pesticides. Last time I was there, the state of KERALA (Malus represent!) banned the sale of coke. Had to drink Fanta and whatnot.

Perhaps it’s my undergraduate freshman 30 that compelled me to start drinking Diet Coke. And aspartame–we all know that just = carcinogen city.

However, my recent trip to Mexico confirmed one thing–ain’t nothing like regular coke sweetened with cane sugar. Especially with a taco or four. Find me again in bunch of years when my bone mass is seriously decreased and my teeth are ground down to nada. Hopefully the switch to:

GUS = Grown Up Soda

GUS = Grown Up Soda


boylan's cane colaTasty ‘n conscious alternatives, for us in the Estados Unidos with only high fructose corn syrup at our disposal, and for our peace o’ mind.

*since the writing of this post, Facebook-wallah Tanwi Nandini Islam is NO LONGER a fan of Mexican Coke.


One Response to “For the Love of Mexican Coke”

  1. Nitin October 19, 2009 at 4:49 am #

    Lol, good coverage on the devil’s milk 🙂 Nice site Nandini!

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