Bright Eyed & Lipped

12 Oct

Had to include this, as I’m a Sephora Beauty Insider. Signed up for lifelong communications about products & trends. Here’s the scoop on some goodies:



shimmers, glitters, neutrals & brights

shimmers, glitters, neutrals & brights


I love how Sephora touts the product: “Like a sequel to a great novel that you were sorry to see end…”

Book of Shadows Vol. II is a palette of 16 colors, 6 exclusive to this set. Along with the set are the Eyeshadow Primer Potion in a genie bottle & eye pencils in “Zero” & “Bourbon.”

I’m really feeling drawing in the colored pencil line down to the inner corner of your eye (in the bridge of your nose direction). Compliment that with a bit o’ smoky shadow and you’re set. Not necessary to rock that Cirque du Soleil look; I’d rather follow these basic lines and color techniques, on a scale that suits my everyday face.


MAKE UP FOREVER, by artist & sculptor Dany Sanz



[NOTE: Sometimes it pays to sign up at stores for those random insider deals. SEPHORA BEAUTY INSIDER ain’t a credit card or anything, just the scoop on what’s new. They gave me a sweet lil’ gift for my 27th.]

Sephora Lips

While Urban Decay is classic Sephora fare, I’m really feeling MAKE UP FOREVER, by artist & sculptor Dany Sanz, who “ultimately found her inspiration in a more organic application of color: the living, moving, three-dimensional canvas of the human body.” She opened the first boutique in Paris, and that space still serves as a studio and workshop for makeup artists.

Dramatic eye with a pale pink lip. Or, simple black lines with a rude, hot suggestive colors in poppy red and fuchsia pink.

Below some cutting edge lip trends from Paris Fashion Week, courtesy of MAKE UP FOREVER.

Bright Lips


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