Throwback Daily Rotation: Hanifah Walidah's Make a Move music video

9 Oct

Throwback! !!!

Musician/theatre & film artist extraordinaire Hanifah Walidah’s Make a Move Music video, which I appeared in along with–she inspires the best o’ my alliterative abilities–a brownstone in Bed Stuy brimming with brown skinned babes & butches! Walidah’s gone onto produce other music videos and check her blog Finding Black Patti.

A bunch of folks have seen this video on the LOGO channel, but I still have yet to see it on a flatscreen. So, thanks to youtube, you can see it too.

(Pssst! I’m the pixie giving the hottie advice on how to steal Hanifah’s hat)


U People, sprung out of the music video. It’s a documentary project developed by Hanifah and photographer/filmmaker, the wondrous Olive Demetrius–

“It’s a documentary film about what happened in a brownstone in Brooklyn one spring weekend where 30 gay, straight women and trans folks of color came together to shoot a not so typical music video. What was caught on B-roll are moments that most can relate to how ever you live your life. From this premise a thriving community was born that reflects a more diverse image of queer people of color and finds new ways to promote our connectedness as oppose to differences within the larger society.”

Here’s what Olive says about the photos that were taken along with the podcast:

I took these photographs initially because the documentary was an unplanned blessing. We didn’t have stills that really captured the time, place and feeling. We took the time after the fact to bring these people to our home to shoot these photographs. These are dynamic interesting people yet drawing something out of them was more difficult than I expected.”

Below is “Anticipate”–evoking the moments before a kiss…


and just breathe…



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