The Bearhead Factory: Personal Talismans and Compasses by jewelry designer Erin Merriman

9 Oct

The Bearhead Factory, jewelry by Erin Merriman.

The Bearhead Factory evokes images of ancient talismans offering divination, protection, luck, and love. Of course, it depends on the energy of the wearer. Once, back in 2008, when we worked together, shop girls at a women’s clothing boutique in Cobble Hill which shall remain nameless, I admired one of her dove necklaces. A pretty gold dove strung on gold chain–my first hints toward simplicity. I was digging the line between delicate and edgy that her jewelry (and perhaps she herself) straddled. Given my fiery vs. airy disposition, Erin suggested I go for a wolf or deer antlers instead–as these are animals bound to the earth, and I, well I can always use some grounding. She is an intuitive designer, attuned to the ways of the world of fashion trends,yet also the tenets of a New Age spirituality–the yogic, the karmic, the shamanic and the heart-driven.

For a list of shops where you can buy Ms. Merriman’s wares, click here.

She’ll also make custom pieces for you–with her arsenal of charms, crystals, corals, chains & ribbons–so if you want something in particular, go to her website:

From her bio, everyday wisdom, which we often forget:

“Erin Merriman’s handmade jewelry is designed in her Brooklyn studio, giving each piece the same prestige as the relics and medals of honor that inspire them. They are a spiritual compass, reminding you to appreciate the inherent beauty of the body, the natural world, and all of life’s accomplishments.”

And, of course, below are some of her classic pieces. However, she has pieces not seen here. I bought a gorgeous bronze anatomical heart accented with pink coral. Pure heart chakra right there. But alas, i left my heart in Oaxaca. Hopefully a sweet girl found it in the hotel room and took it home with her. Sigh…


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