Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

9 Oct

Barack Obama Wins Nobel Prize! The World Loves You!

And I love you.

But….what about Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo, Iran, Healthcare, College Loans, Recession…like my sistah said, “Even Jimmy Carter had to wait like 30 years!”  That’s true, Jimmy Carter didn’t even win for his Camp David Accords back in 1978, when he got Egpytian president Anwar el Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to sign a peace treaty. He didn’t get it ’til 2002.

Pre-emptive? Is the committee in Oslo on some “maybe this will give you the confidence you need to succeed?” Perhaps. I think that maybe Obama–in all of his oratorical and ideological glory–represents the debonair diplomacy, fueled by a social consciousness + keen intelligence that folks admire. We can’t argue that. We can argue that he needs to toughen up against the baseless and truly base Republican slander, whether it was the Van Jones debacle or spooking average Americans on big government or how he really is Muslim, or now with winning the prize. Even if this has given them another bullet to try to bring him down, he’s got to heed his own words.

It”s a call to action. And he really should listen to himself on that tip. Time to act, Obamz. Time to really consider if we need to boost the troop count in Afghanistan or bring our girls ‘n boys home. We’re players in a  tricky, violent war-contending with rigged elections, Taliban terror, brutality against women, denying girl-children education–amidst a rugged terrain with underground caves and channels the Russians failed to conquer. Will we conquer it? I don’t think so. Afghanistan’s many layers–physically and psychically and culturally speaking– we cannot penetrate.  What I worry about are the women & girls, trying to live peaceably, trying to educate themselves and simply be free.

Note: Thanks to these wars, PTSD and Traumatic Brain injury are commonplace among veterans. And Domestic Violence among them is on the rise.

(An aside–it amazes me how I claim “we”–as an American? As a world citizen? As a lackluster Muslim? Rather than go back and change “we” to “The U.S.” I’ll keep it as a necessary moment of reflection.)

Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama’s reaction “humble” and “surprised” are perfect words to play. Props to the Prez & his wordnerd team.

The World Loves Our President!

The World Loves Our President!


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