10/9/09 Nonsense NYC: Night of Underground Future Telling

7 Oct

Fly way to celebrate the new era of underground art.

After years of composing a list of the best of indie in the city, Editor Jeff Stark brings all together for…

Nonsense NYC presents:


3rd Ward, 195 Morgan @Stagg St. 7p-9 Salon Style gallery; 9p-1a

3rd Ward, 195 Morgan @Stagg St. 7p-9 Salon Style gallery; 9p-1a series of intimate performances/DJ's

“A one-night physical manifestation of the Nonsense NYC email list, celebrating 10 years of weird art and culture coverage in New York City. Featuring artwork by 75 artists and collectives, an all-night dance party, and performances every five minutes. With eight installation theater spaces and a spectacular spectacle on a brand new floor at one of the best venues in Brooklyn…”

Check it: http://www.nonsensenyc.com/special/

Instead of getting mired in nostalgia for things past, artists revision the NEXT TEN YEARS of art in the city. Advance tickets at Bluestockings Bookstore (172 Allen, Manhattan) or via Paypal on the nonsense nyc website. Door tickets not available until 1a night of the show; buy advance. Really.
Email for more info.

Love how the website says simply:  “This is a special night. Dress Like it.”  Check  Category “The Ness” for hints on places to get fine threads.


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