Pakistani Art at the Asia Society NYC: Faiza Butt's Get Out of my Dreams II

5 Oct
gender blendin' sugar daddies

gender blendin' sugar daddies

Says the Lahore-born, London dweller, Faiza Butt:

“The inspiration for my work stems directly from my sense of identity (gender/cultural) and the times we live in. I create work by chancing upon potent journalistic images, text, encounters, and experiences, as I conduct my affairs as an artist, a mother, and a woman. I have focused on gender issues since the beginning of my artistic career, and feminist debate remains an issue very close to my heart. My work reflects my varied cross-cultural experiences and is a reflection on the instability and uncertainty of our time.

My choice of medium was a reactionary response to my years as a student at the Slade School of Art, where large, physical, muscular and “technologically advanced” work held more worth than contemplative intellectual responses. I started to create ambitious, highly detailed drawings with ink pens that rival “spectacles” of work and focus on art historical and gender issues.”

-courtesy of the “Hanging Fire exhibit at NYC’s Asia Society”


2 Responses to “Pakistani Art at the Asia Society NYC: Faiza Butt's Get Out of my Dreams II”

  1. Aatish October 12, 2009 at 11:01 pm #

    that aint paki. arent those the photo booth pics found in kandahar after the fall of the taliban? or at least inspired by them?

    and why didnt you ever tell me you had a blog? im deeply offended.

    • nandininessa October 13, 2009 at 12:42 am #

      oh yes it is, darling, check the artist’s work at the Asia Society’s website.

      Faiza Butt is a Lahore-born, London-dwelling artist. Perhaps she’s reintegrated the Taliban-wallah photo booth pics into her work. Both Get out of my Dreams I and II are featured at the Asia Society in NYC.

      OK, Mssr. Aatish? And, sorry to offend, but you’ve been trekking the world, whilst I’ve been in blogosphere.

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