Shka'ala Boutique, Oaxaca, Mexico

4 Oct

One of my most beloved destinations; Oaxaca, is a city that reverberates with artistry and edge. A new boutique, Shka’ala, which in Zapotec means ‘a dream,’  revamps textiles inspired by the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Sra. Frida Kahlo herself rocked the embroidered ‘n lacy garb on her international travels. The headband I’m wearing is a small flower-shaped piece of velvet, threaded with silk ribbon, while Ngozi rocks a midriff top in a hot pink/yellow combo. The owner of Shka’ala, Micaela Velasco, had always wanted to open a shop to reimagine Zapotec handiwork into a modern, fashionable context.

And over here in Brooklyn, we’re most definitely feeling it.

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